Polycarbonate/ABS Alloy
(FR Grade)
Part Number FA05-000FR
Properties Method Value
Color Natural
Density g/ml D792 1.18
Ash Analysis % None Specified
Melt Flow g/10 min. D1238 10
Hardness  Rockwell  R118
Tensile Properties:  D638
Strength psi 11,000
Elong At Yield   % 24
Ultimate Elong. At Break  % 54
Tensile Modulus    psi None Specified
Flexural Properties: D790
Strength psi 14,000
Modulus psi 415,000
Izod Impact Properties Notched  D256  10
Heat Distortion @ 264 psi  D648  216 (deg. F); 102 (deg. C)
Coef. of Linear Ther. Expansion  D696  3.0
Mold Shrinkage in./in.  D955  .006
Flammability  UL94  V-0

All values are approximations only and are to be used for general design purposes only. Customer should request specific and detail physical characteristics from vendor. Consult with vendor before processing this material or assuming any characteristics.

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